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Reliant Capital Solutions

Reliant Capital Solutions is a debt collection agency headquartered in the State of Ohio. They use a lot of different telephone numbers, but some of the numbers they use are: 866-547-5413, 866-738-3181, 866-837-5096, 614-452-6097, 614-328-0518, 614-328-0514, 614-452-6101, and 614-452-6093. I’m sure there are many others. I have a client who has filed a lawsuit against Reliant Capital Solutions alleging, among other things, that a debt collector working for Reliant Capital Solutions left voicemail messages stating and implying that he is with the “Attorney General’s Office” and that a complaint has been filed against my client. The messages neglect to state that the caller is with Reliant Capital Solutions. It is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to falsely state that a complaint has been filed against a consumer, to fail to disclose that a communication is from a debt collector, to make a telephone call without meaningful disclosure of the caller’s identity or to falsely state and/or imply that the caller is with the attorney general’s office.

I believe that collectors working for Reliant Capital Solutions often represent themselves as being with or calling on behalf of the attorney general’s office and use this illegal tactic to intimidate consumers and collect debt. When caught, they claim it was a mistake because they do actually work for the Ohio Attorney General (but should they Mr. Attorney General???). Apparently they do collect student loan debt that is referred to them by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. However, this does not allow them to state or imply they are with “the Attorney General’s Office” and does not allow them to state they are “representing” or “calling on behalf of” “the Attorney General’s Office” without disclosing that they work for Reliant Capital Solutions, all of which I believe the collectors are doing.

I believe this not only because of my client’s experience, but also because I have uncovered numerous similar complaints to the Better Business Bureau and, ironically, to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office of this same practice by Reliant Capital Services. HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU ALSO? If it has, please contact me by telephone (800-817-0461) or by e-mail (robert@robertdufflaw.com). You may be able to help my client show that this a regular practice of Reliant Capital Solutions, and I may be able to help you vindicate your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.