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Carfax Doesn’t Advertise This

I have previously posted about how I believe Carfax misleadingly promotes their product. Their recent “Carfox” commercials certainly lead you to believe a clean Carfax report virtually guarantees a good car. It just isn’t so. In fact, here’s what a Carfax Consumer Affairs Analyst said recently in an e-mail about their product:

The reporting of accident events through our service is based primarily on three main aspects:
1) Whether the event in question was reported to any data source capable of collecting electronic records (government agencies, etc.),
2) If CARFAX receives date from the source collecting events in the jurisdiction involved (CARFAX is not contracted with all sources available), and 3) The time when data is made available to us (CARFAX does not receive events instantly from sources providing data to us).

We suggest using our service as one important tool along with a physical inspection in the car buying process, but never for sole reliance. I am sorry if you were under any other belief regarding what our service provides.

Seriously? Basically, she’s sorry if we believed their advertising. That’s not right.